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Update: Oct 6th, 2011

This site is about Texas Hold’em  poker, and will present some ideas and data that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else.   Everything on the site will be original research unless otherwise noted. 

I set up this blog to share and expand my poker research, which grew out of discussions on the 2+2 poker forums.  I have access to an enormous hand history database of over a billion hands played on several major poker sites, which mostly came from pokerftp.com.  The open source software provided there allows analysis of a large database of hands while obfuscating player identities and game times to prevent profiling. I have contributed some of the code for that software, and developed all of my own scans used in the analyses presented on this site.

A lot of interesting things can be learned from a sample of this size that no one has ever quantified or analyzed before.   I’ll be analyzing community card statistics and all-in win statistics, card removal effects, variance and luck vs. skill factors, and whatever else I find interesting.

I’m a student of poker who likes to play around with math and likes to write, and I can write code to analyze a hand history database.   I’m a frequent poster on the 2+2 forums (where I learned a lot of poker math) and a recreational online NLHE player playing maybe 75K hands a year, mostly in tourneys and SnGs, and  I frequently play in live tournaments. I have a full-time job at a U.S. company with no connection to any poker-related or gambling-related business whatsoever, and this is a hobby.


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If you find errors in my math or analysis anywhere on this site, please comment and correct me. Comments will be open on all posts, but they are moderated until I’ve approved you as a poster.



Some credits

LateX equation rendering engine:      CodeCogs - An Open Source Scientific Library

Primary Hand History Source:      PokerFTP.com

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