Things I’m working on

Update: Nov 27th, 2010

 Nothing at the moment, no time, but I do check for new comments periodically.

  1. Get all the turn and river expectation calcs done so I can include those with the flop analysis tables. It’s a lot more work to calculate the probability of a particular 4-card board pattern than a 3-card board type.

  3. Finish and publish the All-In Analysis. The “online poker is rigged” thread posters on 2+2 eagerly await this.

  5. Another all-in analysis separated by big stack v small stack instead of favorite v underdog (and perhaps further separated by who called). I expect this to be biased, but it needs to be quantified and explained as it comes up a lot in forum discussions.

  7. Coding to count the most common generic hand types (169) at each bucket of all-in equity. This will allow easier analysis of removal effects on all-in hands.

This is just the short-term stuff, which should get me through the early part of 2010.  Suggestions for other studies are welcome, but until I finish the current work I’ll only do your idea earlier if I find it particularly interesting and not too hard to code.

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